Past Projects

Recording - New Collective

I was the bass clarinettist on the pre-recorded score for this stage showm performed on February 25th 2022.

The show centres around the anxieties felt by an artist, whose relationships and, ulteimately, her art is put under pressure from this misunderstood condition.

(NB: Excerpts are coming soon. In the meantime, you use the form on the Contact Me page if you wish to have the contact deteails for the fixer of this show)

Olive and the Dream Train


"Olive’s always daydreaming. She daydreams about what’s going on inside her cat’s head, or about that weird picture above her bed of a steam train puffing out of a fireplace… Then one day, on her way to school, another very odd train chugs into the station – it’s studded with olives, for one thing, and there’s no driver… So Olive boldly steps aboard and, WOOHOO, she’s driving her very own dream train and it can take her anywhere!"

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A snippet of my playing from the show can be found at

In Their Own Words


"A new opera, featuring a script entirely derived from interviews with a young HIV positive man who contracted the virus aged just eighteen, premiered at the International Anthony Burgess Centre on 24th August. Using a radical new style of music, and verbatim theatre, local composer Michael Betteridge set the words of the Mancunian interviewee to music in which his story, of being diagnosed and living with the virus, was told."

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A snippet of my playing on this score can be found at