Disability and Advocacy in Music

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Hello, and welcome to my useful links page!

I thought I'd put this page of useful links together because,  as I wrote  article for the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain about Disability, I realised that Advocacy and Accessibility has so much information and great resources!

You can read the article in question here.

You can click the below link to access the stories of the pioneers of one-handed instruments. The image shows a bulging scrapbook promises to tell the stories of many within.

You can read about the first one-handed clarinet player, Rowan, and her contemporaries at https://www.ohmi.org.uk/stories.html 

In 2023, Birmingham City University was commissioned by OHMI to evaluate  the IAMM programme and explore the lived experiences of IAMM participants as well as the effectiveness of IAMM’s overall programme of support with regards to improving parity of access to music-making in WCET classes. 

Check out the woodwind instruments offered by OHMI here!

OHMI has launched a great resource, OHMI Connect, where musicians can find out which instruments are right for them, based on their access needs.

Drake Music is the leading national organisation working in music, disability and technology. 

For a full description, please viti their About Us page.

Previous Emergent Artists

Drake Music is working with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to include their musicians in the usual line up.

Learn more here.

Open Orchestras

Open Orchestras is behind the largest community of inclusive ensembles in the UK, in partnership with Music Education Hubs and special schools. Our award-winning, groundbreaking programme makes learning an instrument and playing with others independently, expressively and in real time accessible to all 8-18 year-old disabled students. 

You can read more here

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