Award-winning musician Kat has performed in many contexts, from the local pub all the way up to the likes of The Royal Albert Hall & The Kennedy Centre, in the US.

She also runs a freelance administration business remotely, and is proud to be a champion of SMEs, helping them to grow.

Kat is also a proud Disability Activist, and has been published for 

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Katmuss has dark, short and curly hair. She is looking at the camera. She is stood leaning against a bright white wall with striking shadows. She is wearing a quasi rock-chickcrop top, black trousers and is holding her bass clarinet off the floor.
The word 'Katmuss' (which is written in a script-likfe font) is to the left of an ambiguous graphic of a bass clarinet... or is it a saxophone? its style means that both can be correct!

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