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I have experience in helping both individuals and Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to  streamline and grow processes, resulting in more time for SME owners to do what they love best, whether that is serving their clients, or even spending more time with loved ones.

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From just *£45, you can have Administrative Support on the following:

General Admin

Too much admin? Need more time for what you do best? I can help keep business operations ticking over so you don't have to.

Domain Name Purchase/Management

If you've seen a Domain name you like , we can help with purchase, as well as advising on where to host your site.

Basic Website Design and Implemention

I will use a basic, block-based Website builder to build you an accessible and  functional site, with the following pages included:

Homepage, About, and Contact Us 

Social Media - Brand Establishment

I will help you establish memorable Social Media Handles, and ensure their distribution across your business communications.

Research & Discovery

What partners could your business work with? Could some of your processes do with being streamlined? Could a digital solution help with your productivity? what you see here?

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